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Native Grape Odyssey is an educational project financed by the European Union. The program aims to educate spokespeople of European wine across the world, building their awareness of its distinctive features, origins and evolution over time. Its fundamental goal is to promote PDO and PGI wines in Canada, Japan and Russia. If you’re wondering what these acronyms mean, click and find out!



Sip. Scribble. Share.



The Odyssey is a classic form of literature, like quality is a classic characteristic of European products. Wine is among the many products of excellence that Europe offers, but the European denomination system can sometimes be difficult for foreign consumers to comprehend. NGO’s mission is to demystify these denominations and to spread knowledge about one of Europe’s most ancient treasures: wine.



NGO’s mission is to educate the spokespeople of European wine across the world, building their awareness of European wine's distinctive features. For this reason, NGO is travelling around the world, from Canada to Japan and Russia, educating wine professionals through seminars, tastings and other educational activities.

  • Vladislav Markin


The Native Grape Odyssey project will take its participants on a journey to rediscover European ancient crafts and traditions, with the goal of making them “heroes” of European native grapes. They won’t be alone on this journey: they will be guided by our wine experts, who are renowned worldwide for their heroic deeds!



As every good navigator should, we keep track of everything that happens on our journey. Here you can find memories of our epic quests, as well as of the wonderful grape varieties we have encountered along the way!


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