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October 14, 2019
First Native Grapes Academy book

How to choose the right tool for the job: The Native Grapes Academy project isn’t sheepish about being bookish

October 12, 2019
Student with the NGO tasting grid

Storytelling with precision: The educational approach of the first Native Grape Odyssey course in Canada

September 30, 2019
Daniele Cernilli, Stevie Kim, Jessica Weatherbee

In Toronto, The Native Grape Odyssey unveils three strategies to educate Canadians about European wine

September 23, 2019

Native Grape Odysseyマエストロ・カナダとは?詩と技術のハーモニー

September 16, 2019

Native Grape Odyssey ・Vinitaly International Academy、 ヨーロッパ産ワインのウォーク・アラウンド・テイスティングを開催

September 13, 2019

Native Grape Odyssey Maestro Courseがトロントへ

September 10, 2019

Native Grape Odyssey: travelling the wine routes of Italy with Prof. Attilio Scienza

August 2, 2019

Native Grape Odyssey: Getting Ready for Japan’s Sophisticated Wine Market

July 17, 2019

Native Grape Odyssey riding the wave of the EU-Japan Trade Agreement: a new frontier for European wine